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Havamalism is a style or a particular set of ideas and deeply held convictions based on the old Nordic Heathen beliefs. These beliefs are commonly referred to as Odinism or Asatru in modern times. The most basic description for Havamalism would be that it is the use of the writings known as the Havamal, as a basis for guiding ones self through life. It is also much more than that, given that I have specifically created the term to stand in both support of, and in contrast to, some widely held beliefs and modern ideas within the Nordic Heathen community.

Havamalism places less emphasis on the scholastic and ritualistic applications of Nordic Heathenry and a stronger emphasis on physicality, masculinity, and general spirituality. We believe in the idea of Valhalla. Literally. We would rather strive to go there than die the straw death. We believe in honor, combat, and righteous violence. A portion of the Heathen community has been infiltrated by weak universalist progressives who can name you every God and Goddess, and dress up and do an excellent blot, but when they insult another man and he challenges them... they are lost and afraid. Always left making excuses about what "battle" and Valhalla do and do not mean in the modern age. We stand in stark contrast to these people and ideas. Battle means what it has always meant. Strength and honor mean what they have always meant. 

Valhalla means what you know it means deep down. It means that you will most likely have to break the law someday unless you die in battle for your countries military. It means you will most likely have to say goodbye to your loved ones and leave home knowing you may never return. It means that you will pledge not to leave the world in peace on a comfortable death bed knowing that your children and grandchildren will have it worse than you had it. Valhalla is not figurative. Its not for people who die of disease because they "fought" the disease. It is not for people who die in car wrecks or accidents because they were "warriors" all of their lives. It is for the man who chooses to cut his life short and die violently at the hands of his enemies in an attempt to right the many wrongs of this modern world. The Havamalist has always know this, and this term that i give to you now can stand as a universal identifier. So that in this age of tyranny we don't have to openly and plainly discuss our condition, which surely makes us outlaws and puts us in premature danger.

The Havamalist is a realistically Folkish heathen. We reject the universalist idea that our ancestors were just happy hippies in long ships and that the northern ways are for everyone. We reject the modern progressive idea that we should be guilty and willing victims because of our European heritage. At the same time if you are going to base your belief system on a race or a culture you had better be realistic. Racial purity in this day and age is overwhelmingly a myth. Adopting a culture is a choice. While Nordic Heathenry and Havamalism may not be the most logical and natural choice for some people, and should not be viewed universally as such, I would propose that a person with any amount of European DNA could be genetically called by our ancestors. This is consistent with what we all believe about genetic memory. Just as it is ridiculous for a modern person living in Sweden or Norway to claim an American cannot hear the voices of his Nordic ancestors, it would be equally ridiculous for me as someone who is presumably completely of European descent, to claim that someone who is half European descent, cannot hear the voices inside him of his ancestors.

We stand for the training and conditioning of the mind and body. The preparation for glory and honor. We never leave home without steel on our sides. We are hospitable hosts, and respectful guests. We remain silent until something worthy needs to be said. We strive to be happy and fearless all the days of our lives. 

We are Havamalists.