All products are handmade here in the U.S.A. Please allow up to a week for production and 2-5 days for shipping. Always remember to stand your ground. You are not alone.

American Vikings was founded in 2012 pretty much by accident. I was involved in a fraternal group of men who liked to have custom t-shirts made up for the group. I also had some friends in the MMA and ATV world that i was making shirts for. When i lost my supplier for custom shirts, he offered me the equipment to make them myself and i took him up on it. I still make all of the shirts in my spare time after work. 

We work hard and play harder and the term "American Viking" to us just means a man who takes care of his responsibilities and never backs down. The kind of person other people look at and wish they had the balls to be. We go 100 miles an hour in the dark. We are the best friend a person can have, and the nastiest enemy. I make shirts and write commentary for people who either live like that... or wish they had the courage to.

We do practice the old ways and honor the old Gods, but all are welcome here if you feel the ancestors calling you to be a real man.